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Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act Extended until December 31st, 2013 Mantas Raulickis and LV-REO TEAM, specializing in Las Vegas Short Sale, would like to inform the Las Vegas community that Congress has extended certain provisions of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act through the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 until December 31, 2013. This act benefits qualified Las Vegas homeowners who may have otherwise owed taxes on forgiven debt resulting from a Las Vegas Short Sale, reduced loan principal or foreclosure - which without the extension, would likely have been taxed as income.

For more information about the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, we advise our clients to consult with a tax advisor in Las Vegas. Our Las Vegas Short Sale Team is dedicated to providing you with valuable information and insights in the changing mortgage environment.



AB 284 changed Nevada Foreclosure Law for all Foreclosures and Las Vegas Short Sales by adding stricter requirements for the foreclosure process in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Short Sales. As of October 1, 2011, anyone (Bank) filing a notice to initiate foreclosure under Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 107 must include a notarized affidavit documenting certain information regarding the ownership of the property that is the subject of the foreclosure, the authority of the trustee, and the amount in default and related fees and costs. In addition, AB 284 states that mortgages and assignments of real property in Las Vegas may not be enforced unless they are recorded in the office of the recorder of the county in which the property is located. AB 284 helps to protect Nevadans right to accurate information during foreclosure by allowing homeowners to seek damages and an injunction against anyone who acts contrary to NRS 107.080 during the foreclosure process. Las Vegas Short Sales. There are also stricter criminal penalties for anyone who purposely tries to defraud a homeowner by making a false representation or recording a false document. AB 284 strengthens the Attorney Generals enforcement authority over foreclosure fraud. Las Vegas Short Sales.


How do I, as an individual property owner, protect my rights under AB 284?


 Las Vegas Short Sales. To enforce AB 284, first you must be a property owner of record. Second, if you find an error in your foreclosure you should notify your trustee or beneficiary of the error(s) and allow them 20 days to make a good faith effort to correct the mistake. Las Vegas Short Sales. If the mistake is not corrected, then the property owner can seek to enforce their rights under AB 284 in the District Court of the County in which the property is located.


Las Vegas Short Sale vs Las Vegas Foreclosure

Las Vegas Short Sale vs Foreclosure ? Foreclosure vs Las Vegas Short Sale ??

A lot of things will factor into the decision of whether you do a Las Vegas Short Sale or foreclosure. The Las Vegas Short Sale will benefit both short term and long term. Couple of benefits for doing a Short Sale in Las Veas: 1) YOU ARE IN CONTROL -  By working with a experience Realtor in Las Vegas to complete a Short Sale, you(homeowner) are in control of entire transaction . . . not your Short Sale Lender(Bank).  2) SAVE YOUR CREDIT - By doing the Short Sale in Las Vegas VS of foreclosure the negative impact to your credit score will be a lot less. 3). AVOID FORECLOSURE - You can save yourself the social stigma of the F word, foreclosure. 4) NO DEFICIENCIES - A successful/closed Las Vegas Short Sale will in all likelihood get you fully release from all deficiencies/loans - will not have to worry about lenders 6 years down the road coming after you. 5) Up to $3000 In Hands - "HAFA Program" for Las Vegas Short Sale offers up to $3000 in relocation funds if successfuly closed on a Short Sale, lender restrtiction apply,

A couple other impormant tips are discussed further below:

Trying to buy another home in Las Vegas: There is a HUGE difference that comes when you think about buying Las Vegas Home again in the future after a Short Sale is completed on your home, ask any Las Vegas Mortgage Broker. By completing a Short Sale in Las Vegas you can qualify to buy another home in Las Vegas with a Fannie-Mae backed mortgage within just two years; the wait for FHA insured loans are 3 years. If your home DID GO TO FORECLOSURE the typical waiting time before you are eligible to purchase another home with a mortgage is 7 years.

How a Las Vegas Short Sale affects you and your credit: We all possibly know that a Short Sale in Las Vegas is less than ideal option. If you would compare it to a foreclosure in Las Vegas and it shows a much different picture. All credit bureaus DO NOT SHOW THE WORD short sale on your credit report. It normally says paid in full for less than agreed or settled for less, or something along those couple lines. From what we hear, a normal drop in credit score you will see is from 60 points to 140 points; this is due to a combination of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days late marks during the Las Vegas Pre-foreclosure period because of not making payment on your loan/nonpayment. Foreclosure damages your credit is much ,much worse. A Normal decrease in credit score is from 150 points to 250+ points after a foreclosure in Las Vegas. Generally, a foreclosure will remain on your credit report for a full 7 years or more.

For your Las Vegas Short Sale,The difference in money/funds between the mortgage and the selling price (called the Deficiency): During the short sale process in Las Vegas we negotiate with your all banks to have them FULLY RELEASE you from all deficiencies of all loans/liens. That is our #1 objective in the Las Vegas Short Sale Negotiations! We will present the best offer available to you and it is all up to you if you want to accept the offer or not. After all banks fully releases you in writting and we close the sale/purchase, entire the deficiency (generally for $150k, $250K) is gone forever; you are totally off the hook for any and all repayments. If property would have Foreclosed on you and after the banks sells it themselves they are generally not interested in negotiating deficiency releases in Las Veasg at that time. They will go after you as debt collectors for all the money that they are owed/borrowed from them.

See the graph below for even more benefits of a Las Vegas Short Sale:

New limitations on creditors' rights and caps on deficiency judgments in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Short Sales Info: Nevada's robust commercial loan and promissory note trading market together with lenders' interest in taking second liens on Nevada real property will be materially impacted by new laws recently passed by the 2011 Nevada legislature. These Las Vegas Short Sales laws, which affect both commercial and residential real property in Nevada, are created by Assembly Bill (AB) 273, signed into law by Governor Brian Sandoval on June 10, 2011. These laws for Las Vegas Short Sales will limit lenders' deficiency judgment awards to only the amount of consideration that the lender had paid to acquire the note, meaning that if a lender has acquired a particular note for less than the note's face value---which is frequently the case where a number of notes are bundled together for sale---the lender may recover a deficiency judgment award that is considerably less than the unpaid balance of the note. These changes in Nevada's laws will have the effect of chilling note purchases as well as lenders' willingness to loan on Nevada property, where Nevada property has already seen stagnation in sales and significant declines in property value Las Vegas Short Sales.

While the Nevada legislature's stated intent with passage of AB 273 was to shield homeowners from predatory lenders, the bill may instead make it more difficult for homeowners to sell their residences in Las Vegas Short Sales, where banks are reluctant to grant loans to new purchasers, and more difficult for homeowners to obtain second mortgages on residences, where banks are unwilling to risk loss of principal which may result from application of these new laws. These new laws may also make lenders on defaulted loans choose foreclosure and litigation over sale of the notes in the secondary market.

Limitation on Deficiency Judgment Awards

Note assignees are affected by the new cap on deficiency judgment awards in Las Vegas, Nevada. Specifically, for an assignee of a note, any deficiency judgment awarded to the note assignee on or after June 10, 2011, against a borrower, loan guarantor, or other surety may not exceed, among other variables, the greater of either (i) the amount by which the note purchase price (not the full amount due on the note) exceeds the property's fair market value at the time of the trustee's sale or (ii) the trustee's sale price, plus, in either case, interest from the date of sale and reasonable costs. In addition, the amount of the deficiency judgment is further reduced by subtracting from it any insurance proceeds that have been received by or, even if not received, may be payable to the lender in connection with the loan default. Such insurance may, for example, come into play by private mortgage insurance or FDIC or SBA guarantees. Las Vegas Short Sale. These new limitations on note assignee deficiency judgment awards are in effect now, applying to all note assignee deficiency judgments awarded on or after June 10, 2011. It is unclear, at this point, whether this new provision is waivable by a guarantor, either before or after default. Further, the new laws do not address the issue of determination, for deficiency purposes, of the purchase price of a note purchased as part of a bundle or group of notes.

New Laws Specifically Affecting Junior Lienholders

Under Section 2 of AB 273, for any deficiency judgment awarded to any junior lienholder after a foreclosure, deed in lieu and, perhaps, short sale, pursuant to a deed of trust dated on or after June 10, 2011, where the junior lienholder files the deficiency action post-foreclosure or post-sale , the deficiency judgment award : (i) is limited to the amount paid for the debt; and (ii) must be reduced by subtracting from it any insurance proceeds that have been received by or, even if not received, may be payable to the junior lienholder in connection with the loan default, just as is the case for note assignee deficiency judgment awards, as discussed above. Also, under Section 3 of AB 273, for any deed of trust dated on or after June 10, 2011, any junior lienholder who is a financial institution may not bring a post-foreclosure deficiency action against a borrower who is a homeowner, provided that the homeowner borrower is the owner-occupier of a single-family, primary residence purchased with the loan proceeds and the loan was not refinanced. This new law, then, extends to junior lienholders the prohibition barring first lienholders from pursuing deficiency actions against homeowner borrowers. With this elimination of personal liability of single-family homeowners to their lenders for post-foreclosure deficiency, homeowners will find it more difficult to obtain second mortgages. Other significant changes under AB 273 affecting junior lienholders prohibit junior lienholders from commencing any action for money damages against the borrower at any time that is more than 6 months after a foreclosure sale or a sale in lieu of foreclosure for all sales held on or after July 1, 2011. Prior law permitted the junior lienholder to bring an action against the borrower at any time within six years (Nevada's contract statute of limitations) ---as opposed to six months---following the foreclosure sale or a sale in lieu of foreclosure. The six month period may commence on the senior lender's foreclosure, and so in order to not lose their opportunity to pursue a deficiency action, junior lienholders will need to be particularly vigilant to receive notice of sale dates.

New Laws Specifically Affecting Guarantor Actions

Lender actions against loan guarantors will now be more costly and prone to delay. For all actions against loan guarantors commenced on or after June 10, 2011, and commenced before the foreclosure sale is held, the court will first hold a hearing---which was not required at this point under prior law---to take evidence from all sides regarding the property's fair market value as of the date the action was commenced. Any monetary judgment that the court may subsequently award the lender will be limited by the lesser of (i) the amount by which the debt exceeds the property's fair market value at the date the action was commenced or (ii), if the foreclosure sale has been held, the difference between the amount of the foreclosure sale price and the amount of the debt. If the note has been assigned, or if there is insurance, the previously discussed provisions will reduce the monetary judgment even further.

These new laws will make it more difficult for note assignees and junior lienholders to realize the full amount paid for notes or the full amount of principal loaned, thus reducing loan trading and lending in Nevada. A lender's right, under Nevada law, to pursue a separate action against loan guarantors is now more costly. It may also be more difficult to sell homes or to obtain second mortgages, at a time when property transferability and loans on property equity are particularly important as the economy struggles. Borrowers on under water loans, particularly where the loan is being enforced by an assignee, have important new defenses.


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Homeowners Offered $3000 to do Short Sales in Las Vegas 

Las Vegas: In in the year of 2009, The Treasury Department introduced the "HAFA program" to provide better option for homeowners who are unable to stay in their homes through the existing "Home Affordable Modification Program" (HAMP). The NEW AND BETTER FOR LAS VEGAS SHORT SALES "HAFA program takes effect on April 5, 2010 and ends on December 31, 2012 - Las Vegas Short Sales.

Las Vegas Short Sales - Home Affordable Foreclosures Alternatives Program: Guidelines and Forms

Las Vegas Short Sales: "HAFA SHORT SALES PROGRAM" provides better incentives in connection with a "Las Vegas Short Sale" or a "Las Vegas Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure" (DIL) used to prevent foreclosure on a loan qualifying for modification under the "HAMP LOAN MODIFICATION Program". Servicers expecting in "HAMP Program" are also required to follow HAFA Rules and Regulations. Entire list of lenders/banks participating in HAMP Program (including HAFA Program) is available at:

Las Vegas Short Sales Trusted Advisors.

 Why Use a REALTOR for your Short Sales in Las Vegas? 

Financing Las Vegas Short Sales: Las Vegas REALTORS can help to understand how much home your financial situation will allow afford, advise different loan options and send you to the best-qualified lender in Las Vegas area.

Selection Las Vegas Short Sales:
Las Vegas REALTORS have the resources and tools to research all available properties(REO, Short Sales, Resales, New Homes) and provide great information about each home regarding the community, parks, schools and other important issues.

Negotiation Las Vegas Short Sales:
Las Vegas REALTORS can advise you on MAJOR factors such as listing price, loan financing, conditions and terms, date of possession of the property, needed repairs and possible furnishings.

Inspection Las Vegas Short Sales:
Las Vegas REALTORS can negotiate with sellers to provide you (Buyer)enough time in the purchase agreement for all needed inspections and requested investigations, plus give an advise which ones are required or just recommended.

Closing Las Vegas Short Sales:
Every area is United States has its own unique closing customs. A local Las Vegas REALTOR can guide you step-by-step through the entire process.

Pricing Las Vegas Short Sales:
When looking to sell your property, Las Vegas REALTORS will give you up-to-date market information to sell your property quickly, at the highest price possible and with minimum worries.

Marketing Las Vegas Short Sales:
A Las Vegas REALTOR will recommend possible repairs to ensure the stability of your Las Vegas property and advertise it to other agents via Realtor.com , MLS, Google, Yahoo. 

When it's time to buy or sell your house is Great Las Vegas Area, it's time to turn to a Las Vegas Short Sales professional. Someone with the GREAT expertise to get the job done right the first time.

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What exactly is Las Vegas Short Sale?

A Las Vegas Short Sale is a real estate transaction in which the net sales proceeds does not fully pay off the existing loan or loans.  It often occurs when the lender decides that selling the Real Estate at a moderate loss is better than pressing the borrower who can not pay the mortgage loan. The Las Vegas Short Sale lender will take the amount in which the home is sold for and basically cut its losses then and there. 

The foreclosure process in Las Vegas could be very expensive to the lenders. It involves hefty fees and It is time consuming process. In most cases the bank agrees to a Las Vegas Short Sale and releases the borrower from the obligation to pay the remaining balance of the loan.


Why The Lender May Agree To a Short Sale In Las Vegas?

Not all lenders are willing to approve Las Vegas Short Sale and every lender will have its own requirements for approving one. But there are a few different reasons why the lender may choose to accept a Short Sale offer. Las Vegas Short Sale.

A Las Vegas Short Sale will usually result in a considerable smaller loss for lender than a foreclosure would because of the holding time during which the property will likely sit vacant. Money that a Short Sale lender has tied up in a house they cannot sell is money that they do not have to lend.


Most Short Sale lenders would rather avoid a long and expensive foreclosure process by agreeing to a Short Sale.  The costs associated with foreclosure process grows every day attorneys fees, HOA fees, management fees, maintenance,  property taxes and many other fees. Lenders would rather cut their losses and move forward. Las Vegas Short Sales.


Compared to a foreclosure a Las Vegas Short Sale is a faster and cheaper way to get rid of delinquent properties.


Does Borrower Benefit from The Short Sale In Las Vegas?

Yes, the Short Sale in Las Vegas benefits the borrower as well.

Las Vegas Short Sale is less damaging to Credit rating: Each time your mortgage payment is missed your credit score can drop 30 points. Starting the Las Vegas Short Sale process will help to shorten the amount of payments missed and help you recover from your score quicker.

Las Vegas Short Sale allows quicker recovering to loan worthiness: A Foreclosure in Las Vegas severely damages your credit score for up to 7 years, while a Las Vegas Short Sale does not affect your credit score that much. FNMA has reduced the recovery time to new loan qualification after Las Vegas Short Sale to 2 years.

There are programs offering Cash for Cooperation to the seller: Banks are now offering Las Vegas home owners a Cash incentive in order to cooperate with the sale of the delinquent home through the Las Vegas Short Sale.

Probable Relief from collectors after Las Vegas Short Sale: After a Foreclosure in Las Vegas, the lenders have a right to go after the borrower for whole balance of your loan. By law your still owe them money and they could come after you legally to collect in Las Vegas. Most of times, we are able to negotiate with the lender to wipe out your debt. In most cases the seller will get out of the mortgage liability and will not face bankruptcy and harassing calls from collectors. When the actual Las Vegas Short Sale is completed, most banks will report to your credit report that your account was paid in full for less than the full amount or your credit report may be marked as settled. Las Vegas Short Sales.


Dignified Solution: a Las Vegas Short Sale allows us to sell your property so you could go back on track of your life. It is a dignified solution to difficult problem.  The Las Vegas Short Sale is the same as a regular Real Estate sale. There will not be sheriffs performing lock outs, neighbors talking about brown grass, Bank Foreclosure For Sale signs. Las Vegas Short Sale.


My Foreclosure date is scheduled: Will I have enough time to do a Short Sale In Las Vegas?

Many people in Las Vegas do not realize that foreclosure process can be stopped. A Las Vegas Short Sale lender may be persuaded to delay the foreclosure to allow an attempt to negotiate Las Vegas Short Sale. As long as there is an offer on your Short Sale home and a complete short sale package submitted to the lender, they will often allow the sale date to be rescheduled multiple times. Accepting a buyers offer in a Short Sale will NOT automatically stop the foreclosure process, and sometimes guidelines set by the mortgage holder cause a home to foreclose. There are no guarantees while in Las Vegas Short Sale Process, but many sellers have been successful. Las Vegas Short Sale

Ideally we with complete staff would like to begin working on your Las Vegas Short Sale as soon as possible! If you know that you are unable to keep up with your payments and will be falling 30+ days behind please contact us ASAP and get help now on you Las Vegas Short Sale. The important thing for you to know and keep in mind is that the sooner we begin working with you on the Las Vegas Short Sale process, the more you increase your chance of a successful closing. Dont wait any longer. Las Vegas Short Sales.

10 Great Questions to Ask Your Short Sale Agent in Las Vegas 


The main reason that Short Sales in Las Vegas are not successful is because they were never really qualified short sales to begin with. Just because it might look like a Las Vegas Short Sale and quacks like a Las Vegas Short Sale doesn't mean it's a short sale. If you're the buyer and looking to buy a Short Sale, you must talk with the listing agent.

You might find different skill sets and negotiation levels among real estate agents in Las Vegas. No all agents are the same. Also, throw into the mix that almost 75% of Las Vegas agent populations close maybe 4 or 6 home sales a year, so a large number of agent are short on experience in Las Vegas.

#1 Question to Ask Your Las Vegas Short Sale Agent: What is Your Level of Short Sale Experience in Las Vegas?

Just by the note of Las Vegas Short Sale agent voice, you should tell if agent is experience or not. It takes to close over 300+ Short Sale in Las Vegas to really have great knowledge and confidence. We have SOLD already more Short Sales in Las Vegas that most of agent will even sell in their career.

#2 Question to Ask Your Las Vegas Short Sale Agent: How Many Loans/Liens Are Involved in This Las Vegas Short Sale?

The easiest Short Sale in Las Vegas would be with 1 loan/lender on the property. Normal processing time( if no complications) would be to get the keys in 60 days. When there are 2 or more loan/lenders on Las Vegas Short Sale, you can be waiting more that 6 months for approval letters and still at the end never receive approvals. MI (Mortgage Insurance) Company in Las Vegas Short Sale does expedite the processing time neither.

#3 Question to Ask Your Las Vegas Short Sale Agent: What Loan(s)/Lender(s) You Have On This Property?

Based on our recent experience: Wells Fargo, Bank of America, SPS and couple other lenders are in fact easier to work with on Las Vegas Short Sales. A lot of banks are using Equator system now, its on-line system that generates tasks to all parties automatically makes the Short Sale in Las Vegas to move a lot quicker.

#4 Question to Ask Your Las Vegas Short Sale Agent: Is This a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac Short Sale in Las Vegas?

Have your fingers crossed that your Las Vegas Short Sale would NOT have any government agencies to look over the Short Sale it becomes a very long Short Sale in Las Vegas. We just closed HAFA Short Sale 9 months process. Not because we dont know what were doing, its just a government Short Sale in Las Vegas with all additional paperwork required from seller/buyer/agents.

#5 Question to Ask Your Las Vegas Short Sale Agent: Has Seller Provided Any of Requested Financials For Las Vegas Short Sale?

Short Sale Lender will ask but not limited to these docs:  2 years of tax returns, bank statements for 90 days, payroll stubs for 30 days and W2s, in addition to the letter. File would be approved a lot quicker if most of financial for Las Vegas Short Sale are in place already.


#6 Question to Ask Your Las Vegas Short Sale Agent: Do You Know If Seller(s) Would Consider To Contribute CASH/PROM NOTE To Closing? 


Nevada is State that allows deficiency judgments against the seller and sometimes is the only way to have the bank(s) to agree to a Short Sale in Las Vegas. We saw in the past , Even a small contribution of $1000-$2000 would help lien holder to agree to a Short Sale quicker and WAIVE Deficiency after property is SOLD.

#7 Question to Ask Your Las Vegas Short Sale Agent: What Happens After Seller Accepts an Offer In Las Vegas?

After offer is by the seller(homeowner), Property MUST be placed to C/P status on MLS. Then after EMD funds are received from he buyer, a Complete Short Sale Package needs to be submitted to the bank.

#8 Question to Ask Your Short Sale Agent: How Many Offers Will You Send To The Las Vegas Short Sale Bank/Lender?

ONLY ONE OFFER can be send to the bank for review. If you get any other answers, agent might be in breach of some ethical standards being enforced by GLVAR.

#9 Question to Ask Your Las Vegas Short Sale Agent: How Long Before We Get Short Sale Approval(s)?

ONLY preapproved HAFA Short Sales in Las Vegas can be accurately guessed on Approval letters timing. Expect for the best: 45 day and letters are received, but prepare for the worse: 90days+.

#10 Question to Ask Your Las Vegas Short Sale Agent: What Is It Expected From A Buyer In Las Vegas Short Sale?

Patience, patience and one more time patience!! Las Vegas Short Sale: Its a long and complex route. After earnest money is released to escrow, be patience and wait for banks response. While waiting for Short Sale approval letters, buyer can make sure that paperwork to apply for a new loan are in place. Inspections can be completed as well, to save time during due diligence period.



 Preferred Short Sales Agents from around the country that we have personally done transactions with and recommend as some of the best in the industry!